"There is No Charge For Awesomeness.
... or Attractiveness."

–Kung Fu Panda

"It is hard to believe this class was free. There a no excuses for excluding magic from your life. The recommended practices can be tailored into a busy day. Using the principles taught, I was able to refine my now practice. As a result, I am resonating the energy I want to be in to a greater degree in both breadth and depth."
– Maria

The following free program is designed to introduce you to our teaching style, and for you to find out if The 2BSilent Membership is right for you. You may also wish to explore our library of Guided Meditations which are also free and inexpensive offerings. 

If you like what you're seein' out there on the internet... we've created a place for you to enjoy our free training without the distraction of Ads and Social Media.

When you get the 42 Days of Magical Practice on our website we'll automatically keep you posted on new programs and let you know when we are going live, whether on Facebook Live, or in our Private Q & A sessions where we can answer your personal questions.

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We created this training to spread our wings and have a new experience bringing something we LOVE to a much larger audience. 

We hope that these 42 videos will challenge you to manifest something that you want in your life while giving you insights, understanding, and practices to help you make that happen.

Whatever particular brand of spirituality you are practicing we want you to keep practicing it, and we want you to get the most out of it. We want it to work for you.

We believe that a deeper understanding of the Fundamental Principles of Universal Energetic Philosophy and Practice will bring you all the health, wealth, relationship fulfillment and spiritual connection you are hoping for from your path.

The 42 Days of Magical Practice is a great first step for us, and perhaps for you, in that direction.

We hope you'll join us.

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