Brian Osborne

I grew up in the mountains and forests of upstate New York and I’ve always had a deep connection with mystical experience and nature. Spirituality has always been a driving force in my life and I feel blessed to have had parents and grandparents that never squashed the imagination and mystery out of me.

Has personally worked with: Masters of Asian Philosophy, Medicine, and Martial Arts, North Native American Shamanism (Road-men), South American Shamanism (both in the mountains and the amazon), Practitioners of Western Hermeticism, and plant-medicine.

Has been doing this since: 1979

Feels the world needs more: People that understand through experiential knowledge that everything starts with them. That the world that they want to live in starts with them. Nobody can do it for them. Nobody can go to the gym for you… nobody can build the world you want better than you.

Has a warped sense of: Everything. But in particular, thinking that people know more than they do. That’s why I’m really happy when people ask me questions... because it forces me to explain things in a way that the person I’m talking to will truly understand.

Would have been: Drummer for Pink Floyd.

Favorite Magicians: Paracelsus, Franz Bardon, William Gray, David Blaine, and Elon Musk.

Loves To Optimize: Every experience in my life and in the lives of the people I have contact with.

Superpower: Can fly... but only two feet at a time.

Dustin Neece

Growing up with a psychotherapist mother interested in alternative therapies and shamanic healing pretty much gave me an "ace in the hole" when it came to finding my spiritual path early. From 16 on I was meditating and reading everything I could get my hands on about healing and mystical experience. 

Professionally I'm an artist and I believe my training with Brian has transformed not only me as a person, but also allowed me to express my highest work as a painter:

Has personally worked with: Brian Osborne, Odd Nerdrum, Israel Zohar (official portrait artist of princess Diana).

Has been doing this since: 2000

Feels the world needs more: People that take action toward what they want. No amount of reading, listening to youtube videos about manifestation, magic etc. will make anything happen if we don't walk through the discomfort of our fears and take our leaps of faith.

Has a warped sense of: Self. Haha :-) I think I have a warped sense of time... I'm still really young, but I feel an intense desire for more time. Even 100 years doesn't seem like enough!

Would have been: Superman. 

Favorite Magicians: Rembrandt, Monet, Andrew Wyeth, and Don Juan (Carlos Castaneda's mentor)

Loves to Optimize: Beauty. As an artist I feel like an adventurer in the field of discovering new and wonderful forms of beauty. 

Superpower: Asking Questions. 

Praise for Brian Osborne and 2BSilent


"Never have I felt so alive, connected – in touch with myself, others, Source Energy, Nature, the Earth, the Universe. Never have I felt so alive, secure, and profoundly nurtured, loved. Never have I felt so peaceful and perfect. With the KNOWING that ALL IS WELL and WE ARE ALL ONE!"
– Kay M Kuebler

"Simple, effective steps that initiate progress even with the gentlest of effort on my part. I appreciate the stress free emphasis of incorporating the process into my life."
– Julie Wojciechowski

"I don't even know where to begin with Brian, he was just phenomenal! So full of invaluable information and so very patient. The questions from all of us did not stop, even on breaks. It seemed like Brian was talking nonstop the entire weekend. Never once did he make anyone feel like their question was irrelevant or a nuisance, and his answers were all so well thought out, enlightening, and sincere. Just being in his presence was unlike anything I've ever experienced before."
– Kat Bennett

"Wow what a response. That is one of the clearest and most practical descriptions of a mystical technique I think I've ever read. Been trying — it creates so much joy and wonder instantly. Thank you very much!"
– Alex

"Two thumbs up! Honest and humble approach (with humor! :-) is so very refreshing. Content-wise, I really appreciate the connections made between practicing, the experience and manifestation of life goals. Your use of accessible analogies and metaphors transforms big concepts into digestible, easily understandable bites without oversimplifying and losing nuances of meaning ... so helpful to increase understanding for practitioners at all levels."
– Stefanie Kearns