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Video #1 - What do you want?

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#1 - What do you want?

Transcript of above video, for those who prefer to read.


What we offer at 2BSilent are flexible energetic principles you can incorporate into your own personal spiritual practice. We have no dogma and no rules other than what works for you personally, to experience and manifest what you want.

The practices we offer emphasize direct experience. We only truly learn through experience. It is only through experience that we can say “I know”. It is only through experience that we can establish a new belief system: one that supports the reality that we want and the version of ourselves we wish to be.

By observing the results of our practice: the experiences they produce, the changes that occur in us, and the effects these practices have on our outer world, we come to understand our power and our freedom. We become people of knowledge.

This short series of videos is designed to introduce you to the techniques we teach so you may try them and find out if they work for you.

The first principle we would like to offer is:

“The One only wants for you what you want for yourself.”

You may choose to use whatever name for The One that you prefer: you may call it God, The Universe, Spirit, Source, Infinite Intelligence, All That Is, and so on.

We prefer, simply, “The One”, as this implies an all encompassing Unity of energy, consciousness, and matter: a living, conscious universe, in which everything is connected; everything is created by, and a living piece of... the whole.

In this way, you and I are not separate from The One, we are each unique, precious, individual aspects of it, having our own unique experience.

The individualized unique experience that I call “ME” and “MY LIFE” is just one of an infinite number of perspectives through which The One comes to know Itself.

This is the gift we continually offer the universe: the opportunity to know Itself... through our unique life experience.

What makes being human such a powerful opportunity is the degree to which we experience limitation, and a sense of separateness from The One.

We have the opportunity to experience total disconnection, pain, suffering, powerlessness, lack, worthlessness, judgment, shame, sorrow, disappointment, illness, and malevolence. Inner and outer hell is something that we are capable of creating. Often we feel we are nothing more than passive victims of these negative aspects of human experience. Yet, within that darkness is the seed of the complete opposite: connection, joy, fulfillment, power, abundance, worthiness, acceptance, love, bliss, accomplishment, perfect health... the Supreme Good.

Without this freedom to experience the full range of humanness we could never truly know ourselves. And therefore, The One, could not fully know itself as a human being.

Without plunging ourselves into this degree of limitation, it would not be possible to experience the full ecstasy of our freedom and our connection.

This freedom is not something we have to earn, it is something that, through time, we realize we already posses. This truth can only be known individually by each of us, through our own personal experiences.

We are all, already, free.

What you want to have and experience in this life is a calling. It is a calling to return home, to the full knowledge and remembering of your unlimited nature.

Through your personal yearning to experience and manifest your hearts desire, you will remember yourself to be... free. Free to have and experience whatever it is that you want... whatever it is that you choose. For yourself, and for those around you.

There is nothing that you need to do, or must do, or should do.

There is only want you want to do.

What you CHOOSE to do.

Nobody, and no thing, no god, or any spirit is judging you for your preference. We are the only ones creating the idea of value and worthiness in regard to what we want.

That is why we say:

”The One only wants for you, what you want for yourself.”

When we say “I want something” or “I wish things were THIS way” what we are really saying is... “I want to remember that I am an aspect of The One. I want to remember that my personal reality, is my doing, it is a mirror of myself, and I can make of it what I choose. I am that powerful.”

Our dreams and desires are a calling to remember that no matter what experience we want to have, we can have it, it is possible for us.

This is why the most important step, in evolving into this awareness, through experience, is quite simply: to know what you want. 

If we cannot take the very first step of clearly defining what we want, how will we get there?

We do not get in the car and say: “GPS, take me wherever you feel like taking me today.”

We know our destination, and therefore, we know when we are headed in the right direction. It is through this clarity that we make ourselves available to clear guidance on how to get there.

The universe is no different.

The One is just as neutral as your phone’s GPS navigation software.

It only wants for you, what you want for yourself.

Therefore, the first spiritual practice we advise people to engage in REGARDLESS of what their goal is (spiritual or physical in nature), is to sit down with pen and paper to write out, in as much detail as it takes, what you want.

The One is simply waiting... waiting for you to say what you want. Waiting for you to articulate, formulate, and express what is your preference. What are you aiming at? What experience do you want to have?

Everything from making more money, to healing an illness, to meeting the love of your life, to feeling the way you want to feel internally, to having interaction with spiritual entities, to seeing energy, to lucid dreaming, even “enlightenment” requires you to define in clear terms what that dimension of experience looks like for you. What is it that you want?

In this way, everything is the same. Everything is just an experience. It is up to us to define the experience we are aiming at: what would it look like? What would it sound like? What would it feel like? And so on.

We often remind people: no one is going read this, no one is going to see this writing exercise. It is only for you. Writing these things out is an opportunity to be honest with yourself.

We would also remind you: this is a magical practice. The PROCESS of writing out what you want, the TIME you spend doing it is a continuous STREAM of life energy that connects you with the future you want, and with the deepest part of yourself. It is a magical, and mysterious act replete with possibility.

You will get out of it, exactly what you put into it.

This exercise requires that you allow who you are, and what you truly want to come forward. It is simple, but not always easy. It is a practice that unfolds in and through time. As you change, so will the clarity of what you want.

The Universe is in a constant state of change and transformation. No matter where we arrive in life we will never get to a place where everything is perfect and it just stays that way forever.

The Universe is a place of learning, growth, and transformation.

Change is an invariable constant.

Whatever you want, when you get it. You will enjoy it, and then you will strive for something new, something exciting, fulfilling, and more expansive.

So, enjoy this practice and this process. The better you get at it, the more gracefully you will be able to navigate the infinite spiral of human experience.

The more deeply you explore this exercise, the more clearly you will be able to move toward the spiritual and physical experiences that call to you; the more you will find yourself relaxing into the flow, the more you will see the river of life leading you where you want to go.

If you enjoyed this video. We invite you to try this technique.

Perform the practice. Take time to write out what you want, and explore the depth of these truths. See what happens. See if you notice any changes, opportunities, or effects that occur in your life, in the mirror of your reality.

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