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The following courses are all included with The 2BSilent Membership. And they are only available through this all-inclusive membership experience. To learn more about each of these courses follow the links below. To join The 2BSilent Membership click the button below.

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How To Make Contact
A Complete Course In Interacting With Spirit

Learn the principles of developing a spiritual practice that facilitates contact with any 'Aspect of The One' of your choosing, be it a god, angel, spirit, deity, saint etc. These are just aspects of The One (God, The Universe, Spirit etc). This course guides you through developing the theory and practices that can facilitate contact with these other Aspects of The One. The experience ranging from a felt presence to face to face interaction.

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Lucid Dreaming
Awaken The Sleeping Mind

Lucid Dreaming is the royal road to power and illumination. As you progressively awaken with your conscious mind inside of your subconscious a whole other world, quite literally, opens up to you. The development of this ability ranges from learning to remember and interpret your dreams, to 'getting out' or 'becoming lucid' on a regular basis, all the way to: controlling your every movement with the dream, staying in the lucid dream indefinitely, to forming relationships with spiritual beings, bringing internal chaotic forces under control, and even meeting with other practitioners within the dream.

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How To See Energy
A Complete Course In Opening The Third Eye

Learning to see energy is a process that involves learning how to "stop the world" and enter into a completely different perceptual state. The techniques are simple, but they are not easy. This course presents a definitive collection of practices that are known to facilitate the ability to see energy. Throughout the course Brian guides you in the techniques that he used to initiate and enhance this inherent faculty we all have, and utilize it in his practice.

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Bi-Monthly Live Q&A Calls
& The Complete Live Call Library

The backbone of The 2BSilent Membership are our bi-monthly Q&A calls. Every other Wednesday evening at 7pm we jump on a zoom call with Brian where you can ask him anything about your practice, about energy work, about seeing, dreaming, contact, or about literally any aspect of life and esoteric practice that is relevant to you at the time. In this way we all get the benefit of the interest and questions of our members, and keep the momentum up in our practices. The recordings of these live calls (available to members) totals over 150 hours of teaching, insights, and support that you can tap into any time you want, and that is available to you directly every other week.

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