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Weave new fibers of connection and understanding into the tapestry of your being


 We have the innate capacity to experience very meaningful interactions with spiritual entities ranging all the way from a deeply felt presence and genuine inspiration, to a clear voice in our mind and ultimately, life-changing face-to-face encounters.

If you’ve lived for any length of time you know that the surest path to success isn’t a straight line. We often stumble, fall short, and find ourselves frustrated by the inconsistent nature of our ability to produce the experiences, qualities, and results that we want in our bodies, our relationships, our careers, our inner world of thoughts and feelings, and even our spiritual connection.

The simple answers like “work harder”, “put yourself out there”, “trust in the universe” are nice terms of phrase, but they are not answers. They are stand-ins for a next step, a solution to the problem, a clear path to the realization of what we want.

In desperation we often turn to esoteric practices designed to help us “magically” manifest what we want using secret words, names of power, or by invoking the Universe or spirits to make it happen for us.

Unfortunately, that isn’t how it works. Nothing can do the work for you, learn the lessons for you, place you in the dimension where your desires are fulfilled, or even whisper in your ear and tell you exactly what to do next.


However, we do have the innate capacity to experience very meaningful interactions with spiritual entities ranging all the way from a deeply felt presence and genuine inspiration, to a clear voice in our mind and ultimately, life-changing face-to-face encounters.

What these Interactions can do is forever change our perception of reality, alter our understanding of life, the universe, and our place in it. They can give us the insights we need to move forward, take the next best step, and sharpen our intuitive faculties to such a degree that we find ourselves in a synchronistic flow... where what we hold in our minds comes to pass.

They can support us in times of need, and weave new fibers of connection and understanding into the tapestry of our being, helping us to entrain to a more graceful, effective, and powerful way of acting in the world. They can teach us about the aspects of life that they are perfect embodiments of, and give us a more refined knowledge of nature and truth.

How To Make Contact provides the core principles, techniques, and patterns of action that develop the energetic flexibility, stability of mind, philosophical understanding, and personal  connection that can make these experiences a reality.

Entrain to a Pure Tone

“We’re so complicated that it’s unbelievable. There’s a lot of cosmos out there, but there’s a lot of cosmos in here, too, and which one is greater is by no means obvious.”

–Jordan Peterson

We are incredibly complex creatures. It doesn’t take a meditation retreat to discover our inner conflicts, warring impulses, and chaotic forces. At the same time we have integrated, harmonious, and noble aspects that reflect the divine itself. We are each a universe inside, and our lives are a mirror image of how we express our internal configuration.

Like a symphony with multiple players and many instruments we are constantly expressing different aspects of ourselves. And the music we produce In our thoughts, words, and deeds continuously fluctuates between chaos and order, spontaneity and structure, discord and harmony, confusion and clarity, negative and positive feelings, incongruent and congruent actions.

Furthermore, our personal constellation of beliefs about the world, how it works, and our place in it, doesn’t always align with our feelings, our core desires, and our deeply felt needs.

Because of this, we are constantly at odds with ourselves. We want things we don’t think we should have or deserve. We need things we believe are not possible, or not ‘good’ for us.

Ultimately, we are forced to make choices, and take actions that sometimes favor our desires / feelings, and sometimes those that favor our conscious thoughts / beliefs. One thing is certain: when these two elements are out of alignment: desire and belief... we end up with discord / disharmony in our experience. We end up not producing the results and experiences that we want and instead, the music (experience) we produce makes us cringe, feel sick, scared, depressed, guilty, ashamed, anxious, and unhappy.

The gods, angels, spirits etc. are all Aspects of The One, just as we are Aspects of The One like everything else in existence. But what defines them as unique and valuable to us in our striving to interact with them and learn from them is that they can be likened to Pure Tones. And in their vibrational “purity” they are perfect divine aspects. They are Aspects of creation that are absolute perfection in what they are, what they understand, and what they do. They have no conflict between their belief and their desires. They have no conflict between their conscious understanding of the world, and how to act in it to effortlessly create what they want. They perceive and understand the world in its actuality, and their actions can produce any result perfectly, gracefully, and harmoniously in a way that does not disturb the fabric of creation. They are Masters of Manifestation.

To entrain to one of these beings, to be in relationship with them, and ultimately interact with them, is a process of becoming more “like” them. It is a way of learning how our beliefs are out of alignment with the way the world actually is, and how it actually works. To embody their frequency and their perspective is to express an integrated, whole musical note, a beautiful musical chord that accomplishes what it wills without force. The understanding that comes from them changes our world view, re-integrates our being, and ultimately reconfigures us so that what we want is inevitable.

Without effort on our part, we find ourselves saying and doing things that are absolutely the right next step, and the immediate feedback is that things begin to open up for us in the direction of what we want.

A Relationship with Spirit Not Mediated by Other People

The above ‘musical’ analogy for contact with spirit is very useful because it greatly aids in reducing the common misconception that we are somehow ‘below’ spirit. That we need an intermediary, someone more pure and holy to interact on our behalf, or that we need to become better versions of ourselves to be ‘worthy’ of experiencing the type of interaction with spirit that we want.

This is not about better or worse, heaven or hell, above or below, good or evil, right or wrong. The process that you are invited to learn and engage throughout this program is designed to provide a framework of principles and practices that you can use to become the person that you want to be, to produce the life experience that you want to have. Not to become “better” but to simply become the version of yourself that has what you want to have, and experiences life the way that you want to experience it. These principles are timeless, tried and true, and can be applied to any type of goal, and any type of interaction that you desire. You’ll receive no judgment from us, or from these Aspects of The One.

In our personal experience the gods, angels, spirits etc. are available, and quite interested in participating with us and engaging us in a myriad of ways. They do not see us as being above them, or below them, better or worse, less or more. They do not judge our goals and desires, and evaluate our worthiness of receiving. 

For them (and this is an ideal that we try to entrain to) every aspect in creation is a unique expression of Life, of The One that is curious, interesting, and meaningful to interact with.

In the same way that it is meaningful and valuable for us to meet interesting humans we’ve never met before, see unusual plants and animals, and experience beautiful vistas in new places we’ve never been... So it is for gods, angels, spirits etc. to have interaction with us. We are all unique and beautiful. The challenges and problems, the wonders and intrigues of our life (believe it or not) is greatly interesting to them, and in the same way we want to engage with them for the unique value that they have to offer us, there is something very special they get from interaction with us that cannot be had any other way.

When we put it on that level How To Make Contact is about discovering how to interact with something that is all around us all the time. It is about manifesting experiences in our consciousness and transforming our life in ways that show us just how real, and available spirit is all the time. It is about making new friends, and forming relationships that can ultimately coach us, mentor us, guide us, to becoming more like that which we admire. Its about weaving spiritual interaction into the fabric of our daily life, making our personal musical cord (our energy) more harmonious, and ultimately, making beautiful music out of our lives.

How To Make Contact is an extensive program that represents the core of The 2BSilent Membership. That which is of highest value to any energetic / spiritual practitioner (in our opinion) is the capacity to make contact with spirit (gods, angels, spirits, saints, power animals etc.) directly.

There are many, many different ways to make contact. Some are faster than others, some are more advanced, some are less safe than others and present the distinct possibility for serious psychic bruises. Therefore we are developing How To Make Contact so that practices that lay the foundation for future experiences are layered-in throughout the course. Additionally, methods of contact are introduced step by step to always strike the proper balance between speed and safety.

The list below is an up-to-date representation of the content that is presently available to active members. The following content is released to members over the course of the first 2 months of membership and will, we trust, be more than enough to begin experiencing contact, and preparing for more advanced work.

New segments are constantly being outlined, filmed, and released to members. We may be filming right now as you read this!

If for any reason, you are ahead of the material that has already been presented, you can always get the forthcoming practices and information you need from Brian during our bi-monthly Q&A sessions.

1. Know Thyself and The Temple of Apollo

1. Stages of Contact & The Arising of Perceptual Phenomena
2. Observation of Mind
3. Guided Meditation for The Observation of Mind
4. Analysis Vs. Practice
5. On The Practice of Keeping a Journal

2. Transferring Consciousness To The Invisible
6. Chaos vs. Order, Integrating Observation of Mind Into Your Practice
7. The Theory and Practice of Step by Step Body Relaxation
8. Step by Step Body Relaxation Guided Meditation

3. Knowing What You Want and How We're Going To Make Contact

9. Devotional Practice - A Bird's Eye View
10. What Do You Want? and Why  Do You Want It?

4. Choosing Who To Contact, Making A Representation, Doing Your Homework
11. Choosing an Aspect of The One To Make Contact With
12. Creating an Alter, Crafting an Icon
13. Researching The Gods
14. Building a Solid Foundation, Developing Observation and Step by Step Relaxation

5. Creating Sacred Space from The Inside Out

15. Sacred Space & The Practice of The Middle Pillar
16. The Middle Pillar - Chakras vs. Sephirah, Analysis of The Energetic Body
17. The Middle Pillar - Part 1 - Overview
18. The Middle Pillar - Part 1 - Guided Meditation
19. The Middle Pillar - Part 2 - Overview
20. The Middle Pillar - Part 2 - Guided Meditation
21. Contact and The Complete Practice of The Middle Pillar

6. Releasing Psychic Knots and Balancing Chaotic Forces

22. Psychic Knots and The Energetic and Physical Bodies
23. Burning Meditation and Contact - Overview
24. Forgiveness Meditation - Overview
25. Forgiveness Meditation Step by Step Practice
26. The "Chaotic Force Party" - Overview
27. The practice of the "Chaotic Force Party"
28. Nature Abhors a Vacuum and Filling The Void


Please Note: Each module contains minute-by-minute notes on the conversation. And the program is fully keyword-searchable.

How To See Energy, A Complete Course in Opening The Third Eye is included with The 2BSilent Membership. And it is only available through this all-inclusive membership experience.

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