How To See Energy

A Complete Course In Opening The Third Eye

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It’s no wonder that being able to see energy is the 'holy grail' of energy work. Plain and simple: seeing is believing. When we can see that we are immersed in and interacting with a world made of living, conscious, moving energy, we begin to engage everything in a completely different way. We have 'inside information.' We acquire an understanding that is much closer to the actuality of things. We see things as they are.

This course presents, in detail, the practices that can actualize the ability to see energy.

How To See Energy clocks in at over twenty five hours of recorded content delivered as over forty video lessons filmed in our conversational, student-teacher format.

Together, we un-pack specific practices and their nuanced application that can shift the practitioner into a perceptual state where seeing energy becomes possible.

Throughout the program we discuss in fine detail the techniques, how to perform them, what kind of practice is necessary for their success, and the philosophical underpinnings of their far-reaching nature.

The program includes guided meditations expertly produced to help you ‘get in the game’ while you are learning the techniques that are more complex or that have multiple stages. You’ll also have access to several downloadable PDFs, diagrams, and other instruction materials to support you throughout the process.

The Principles of Manipulating Energy

Seeing energy is a faculty of perception that is inherently part of our biology. It is an experience that naturally arises when we learn how to “stop the world.”

How To See Energy is not just about learning to see energy. It is also about learning the fundamental principles of working with energy. In this way, as your seeing opens up you’ll have the understanding necessary to learn how to interpret what you are seeing, develop your own personal way of utilizing the ability, and find out for yourself how seeing energy can serve you as a new dimension of awareness.

One of the things that is strongly emphasized throughout the course is that seeing energy is simply a phenomena, a faculty of perception that is inherently part of our biology. It is an experience that naturally arises when we learn how to “stop the world” - when we learn to put ourselves into a state where the conscious mind stops compartmentalizing our perceptions and fixing them into a conditioned, limited range.

When we successfully produce this phenomena and become more proficient at putting ourselves into this perceptual state the question then becomes: what are we going to do with it? It is natural to assume that if we could see energy, we’d immediately know what to do to use this new awareness in a productive way. But this is not always the case.

We have all heard of people opening themselves up to new psychic or spiritual perceptions that only hindered them in their physical lives because it became a chaotic distraction, an unwanted disturbance.

After all, increased sensitivity works both ways. You become more sensitive to the positive and the negative, the chaotic and the harmonious.

Our minds are incredible instruments of successful survival and have narrowed our focus exclusively to physical perception in a way that helps us function optimally in the world.

As we begin to explore, unlock, and open our consciousness to a new way of seeing and understanding the world it is important that we build the skillset and principle-based knowledge that can maximize the positive effect the phenomena of seeing has on our lives.

How To See Energy prepares us to see the world and our relationship to all life in a new way without neglecting the training and education required to integrate this ability into our life in a way that can make things better for ourselves, and those around us.

As you begin to have experiences of seeing it will be hugely valuable to offer your experiences on our Bi-Monthly Live Q&A Calls with Brian to get feedback, and helpful next steps to enhance the ability, control it, and help it open up in ways that will serve you in your life and in your practice. This is where the training becomes intimately personal, and what truly sets The 2BSilent Membership apart: ongoing access to an experienced practitioner that can support you where you are, and where you want to go.

Upgrading The Energy Body

Increasing Spin, Sensitivity, Self-Control and Protection

“To see the light emanating from the ‘energetic sun’ - the energy fields in the world around us, we need to become a more brightly burning ‘energetic sun’ ourselves. We can only perceive what we are: like can only speak to like.”

A central component of developing the ability to see energy is becoming more ‘energetic’ ourselves. Our energy bodies are constantly rotating on a central axis. When you can see, you’ll notice that not only does the brightness of someone’s energy field indicate the sensitivity of their awareness, but also the speed of the rotation. The process of learning to see energy requires that we learn the foundational practices that will help to speed up our energy, and clear the stagnation that we have acquired through daily stress, internal conflict, and fatigue.

A natural consequence of increasing our sensitivity to the energies of the world around us, and the world within us, has the potential to produce experiences ranging from blissful to terrifying and everything in between.

As we open ourselves up to new dimensions of perception, awareness, and interaction, we cannot wholly safeguard ourselves from unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable experiences.

As Brian always says: “We are all going to get psychic bruises... it’s my job to make sure they aren’t knock-down punches.”

To prepare each student for experiencing this new way of perceiving the world the training involves practicing techniques that strengthen focus, control, and energetic insulation.

When you can see energy, you’ll notice that we are ‘awash’ in the energy and psychic influence of every environment we walk into. 

“Everything entrains to the strongest vibration in the room.” It’s our job to arm you with the clarity of mind, self-control, and energetic insulation to be the strongest vibration in the room. Becoming “the strongest vibration in the room” involves a new level of self-awareness, self-knowing, and clarity of mind. 

Throughout the program we discuss the impact thought, word, and deed has on personal energy, and unpack a deeper understanding of how to make your energy maximally dynamic while identifying and stopping your own self-created energy-leaks. 

This new understanding and the techniques presented through the program will not only help you build up the positive and congruent flow of energy in yourself and your life, it will help to gradually reduce the impact of negative experiences from the past, and the patterns of action that keep you stuck in your present state. With practice you will greatly reduce sources of fatigue, confusion, frustration, and overwhelm. 

Given enough practice you will find synchronicity increasing and the flow of life harmonizing around a new you... a more stable center of vitality, congruency, and self-control. This state will give you a different perspective on the idea of needing “energetic protection.”

When the whole world is a mirror reflection of you, and you are increasingly energized, sensitive, and harmonious, there will be much less to ‘protect’ against. You may still be ‘awash’ in energetic influences, but at least now, you’ll be swimming... and if you keep your wits about you, always in the direction of what you want in life.

Month by Month Overview

How To See Energy, A Complete Course in Opening The Third Eye

“Since I have begun to work with you my ability to see into the aura and the different structural levels has been beyond remarkable. I am now being able to recognize the significance of what needs to be addressed.”

– Scott

How To See Energy is delivered to members over the course of seven months. Access to the entire course is not available all at once because the amount of material would be overwhelming. The most important part of the training is learning step by step from the beginning and integrating the techniques into your practice as they are presented. 

For most members the monthly release of new material is faster than their ability to learn the new material. This is how it should be. As a member you’ll always have access to more training than you need at any given time. We’ll never hold you back, but always do our best to pace the programs to maximize your success.

Immediately upon joining the program members have access to a primer course and downloadable ebook on the three core practices you must master if you want to see energy which you can also purchase separately here: 

Click here to learn about our primer course: "Simple, But Not Easy" The three techniques you must master if you want to see energy.

Part 1 of the program is also immediately accessible upon sign-up. From there, each new part of the program is released on a monthly basis. Each instruction video ranges between 25 and 50 minutes, and is presented in our conversational student-teacher format. 

Part 1: Laying The Foundation

1. What do you want? Why do you want it? & Erasing Personal History
2. The Core Principle of Seeing Energy
3. An Introduction to The Technique of Wind Breathing
4. A Dialogue on Relaxation: The Bridge
5. Relaxation Long From - Guided Meditation
6. Importance of The Burning Meditation
7. Waking Up the Throat Chakra

Part 2: Initiation
1. Third Eye Initiation
2. Third Eye Initiation - Guided Meditation
3. Assuming The God Form
4. Addressing Overwhelm
5. Candle Gazing Exercise
6. Qigong For Seeing Energy
7. Brian Performs Qigong for Seeing Energy
8. The Dragon Meditation for Seeing Energy
9. The Dragon Mediation - Guided Meditation
10. Philosophy of the Dragon in Practice

Part 3: Opening The Third Eye

1. On Strategy
2. Checkerboard Gazing Practice
3. Chaos, Challenge, and Adventure
4. You Are What You Think About Most
of The Time
5. Third Eye Meditation
6. Third Eye Meditation - Guided Meditation

Part 4: Stopping The Internal Dialogue
1. Stopping The Internal Dialogue
2. Step 1: Observation
3. Step 2: Focus
4. Step 3: No Thoughts

Part 5: The Kinjas for Seeing Energy

The Kinjas are a secret Taoist system for stimulating and toning the energy centers in a progressive way. Each aspect of the system promotes the activation of latent energetic strength, sensitivity, control, and awareness. It is a core aspect of opening the third eye. This system involves patterns of breath and movement combined with specific diagrams. The complete system is presented in this program in a clear way that facilitates correct use and practice.

Part 6: The Mastery of Gazing

1. Gazing At Your Hand
2. Gazing With Plants
3. Gazing With Animals
4. The Relationship with your Subconscious & Gazing with a Friend
5. Gazing Into a Mirror
6. Gazing At The Bowling Alley
7. Awareness Above The Head

Part 7: Completing The Circle
1. A Practice, A Schedule, A Great Love
2. Open Focus Meditation For Seeing Energy
3. Open Focus Meditation - Guided Meditation
4. Spiral, Dots, & Magic Eye Practice
5. Dark Retreats & Making It Personal

Please Note: Each module contains minute-by-minute notes on the conversation. And the program is fully keyword-searchable.

How To See Energy, A Complete Course in Opening The Third Eye is included with The 2BSilent Membership. And it is only available through this all-inclusive membership experience.

Learn More About The 2BSilent Membership
Get Instant Access | Join Now/$67 a Month

We care about one thing: satisfied members in love with our programs.
Cancel anytime with a single click. 30 Day money-back guarantee.


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