If you want to see energy, please read this.


The following free presentation is designed to introduce you to our teaching style, to share three techniques Brian has used to help in see energy, and to help you find out if our program How To See Energy and The 2BSilent Membership are right for you. You may also wish to explore our library of Guided Meditations which are also free and inexpensive offerings. 

If You Want To See Energy,
Please Read This.

If you’re anything like me… you REALLY want to be able to see energy, but you are disappointed by the complete lack of clear instruction on how to do it.

When I started out on the shamanic path SEEING was the most exciting and fascinating thing in the world to me. I wanted it more than anything.

But the techniques I was taught to open my third eye weren’t working… and I didn’t have any idea what to do to make it happen.

I was frustrated and discouraged. I was trying so hard and yet, I couldn’t see energy…

From what I’d read in books it seemed like the only way to see energy was to go through some intense initiatory event… like a vision quest, a high-dose psychedelic journey, or having an all-powerful native shaman cut open your forehead. YIKES! 😬

So… I pursued those methods the best I could but I got turned down… by the guru’s… by the plant medicine, and by my self.

But I never gave up…

And all that focused thought and perseverance brought me to a beach in the amazon where I met someone who could teach me what I wanted to know… How To See Energy.

I thought I needed a master shaman to open my third eye FOR ME…

But I learned that what I really needed was someone who could just give me CLEAR instruction, SIMPLE techniques and a deeper understanding of what I was trying to do and how seeing energy actually works.

Now, after all these years I finally understand how seeing energy works, and what practices I need to focus on to make seeing energy something I can do at will. More than that, the training has taught me more than I ever thought it would.

I thought I just wanted to see energy, but my journey with my mentor has completely altered my understanding and perception of the world and what it means to be a shaman.

Following my dream of learning to see energy led me to learning the fundamental principles of all energy work and how to consistently work magic in my life… for the benefit of myself and all those around me.

Now, I’d like to share that experience with you.

My mentor, Brian Osborne, has written a short, easy-to-read 34 page book where he outlines the 3 most essential techniques that anyone who wants to see energy must master if they want to truly open their third eye.

He explains it in detail, and… we even filmed some interview footage to go with the book where he presents it all in a more intimate student, teacher, setting.

If you believe that SEEING energy is REAL, and that it is not some amorphous feeling or intuition… but that it actually means SEEING the energetic dimension of the world… not only people’s auras… but SEEING into the energetic layer of reality itself, all around you… then this book (and the videos that we shot to go with it) are going to be perfect for you and personally, I think you’ll love it.

If you want to learn more… go here and grab a copy:


Here’s a fraction of what Brian teaches in the book:

🔥 The most important technique you MUST be able to do to SEE and engage the world of energy.

🔥 Why most modern shamans are forcing the issue and failing as a result.

🔥 How to overcome the fears that keep us locked in our mundane perception of the world and that keep our third eye from opening

🔥 You need a guru to open your third eye for you right? Wrong! The common misconception that we need someone else that is more powerful and ‘evolved’ than us to ‘make it happen’ is something that keeps us from SEEING… this approach is simpler, safer, and quite frankly… better.

🔥 How to open your third eye even if you’ve failed in the past.

🔥 Say goodbye to frustratingly unclear and amorphous “practices” designed to be exotic and special, but that have not yet actually allowed you to SEE

🔥 Say goodbye to wishy-washy answers from your teachers, finally get rock-solid, super specific, step by step guidance and an overall understanding of EXACTLY how to open the world of energy to your visual faculties.

🔥 The truth about the third eye, how SEEING works, and why you aren’t seeing energy right now… even though you KNOW its there.

🔥 The truth about your “psychic sensor” (the part of you that keeps your direct perception of spiritual dimensions at bay) and how to overcome it.

🔥 And much more!

Check it out! - We think you'll be really glad you did.

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