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The primary principle behind all energetic work: your external environment is a perfect mirror of your internal environment.

We all know that ‘external environment’ means: our health, relationships, finances, circumstances, daily conversations, the flow of our life, and the seemingly random events we encounter each day.

But what does ‘internal environment’ really mean? Is it more than just our thoughts and feelings? Although our thoughts and feelings reflect the deeper reality within us, ‘internal environment’ really means: the totality of your subconscious mind, its content and its structure. 

The subconscious, our ‘internal environment’ is who we have made ourselves to be so far. It is the complex configuration of patterns we have created ourselves to be out of infinite potential over lifetimes. It is the storehouse of our belief system, the foundation of our personal frequency, the patterns of thought, word, and deed, action and reaction, that have become a part of us over millennia.

The subconscious is what we have made ourselves to be up to this moment. It is the image constantly being projected onto the world around us: our life and everything in it.

So “your external environment is a perfect mirror of your internal environment” literally means: The way your subconscious mind is ordered right now, is producing what you have and experience in your life right now.

And yet our subconscious is far more than that as well: it is our point of contact with Infinite Intelligence and it gives us access to everything we may become: bad, good, chaotic, harmonic, demonic, angelic, and everything in between. The Subconscious is our “total self” and the bridge to what is beyond self. It is the maker of our world, and our window to the transcendent.

It is the source of synchronicty, flow, and manifestation, it is our personal “operating system” between ourselves and Source - between the self we know ourselves to be, moving around in this world, and all that is.

Every esoteric, spiritual, or psychotherapeutic practice is designed to influence the subconscious. Everything you can think of that serves a spiritual, magical, energetic, or even shamanic purpose is designed to change the beliefs, structures, and energetic patterns of the subconscious and what is allowed “through” into conscious experience. All energy work is designed to get rid of the “bad” stuff, put in the “good” stuff (what we want), and help us move forward in creating the life we want.

Whether by changing the energetic patterns directly, invoking spiritual aid to help us, or immersing ourself internally through the imaginative faculties: the purpose of all energetic practice is always to make the conscious mind and subconscious mind congruent with something that we want: to move ourselves into the state where what we want is inevitable.

"Your Subconscious has access to everything: All human thought, all problems solved, all problems endured. Why would you miss the opportunity to have nightly conversations with it? People say all the time: “I’m going to sell everything I own, fly to Tibet, climb a mountain, meet a guru, and he’s going to tell me the meaning of life.” You have one in your head: It’s you...You just need to engage it." - Brian Osborne

Regardless of whether we are looking for answers to life’s big questions, connection with spiritual entities, extra-sensory perception, a deeper relationship with The Universe, a clearer understanding of self, guidance, healing, transformation, a change in our life situation, etc. It is going to happen when the subconscious and conscious mind are in alignment with that event.

For most of us, we’ve been trying to do all of that on only one side of the fence... the conscious side through practices done in our waking life.

At this point we know from personal experience: influencing the subconscious mind using only the conscious mind (when all the filters between them are in place) is the hardest way to do it.

Furthermore, it is a slow process indeed: to understand and influence subconscious aspects of ourselves through meditation and introspection alone. It’s like getting glimmers of insight from the surface of a vast ocean. Imagine how much greater our impact would be, our connection to spirit would be, our knowledge and self understanding would be if we could gain direct access to the subconscious mind. 

Consciously awake in the subconscious mind we could perform our inner work (with external results in mind) while fully present in a place of limitless potential, and immediate feedback.

This is what Lucid Dreaming allows us to do.

It’s why the great mystics have always said that energy work performed in a lucid dream is ten times more powerful than in the waking state. This is why we’ve made lucid dreaming such a priority, and why it represents a cornerstone of the training we offer.

By learning to become lucidly aware in your dreams and learning to stabilize the experience, you will gain access to the energetic substructure that is producing the phenomena of your world. You will come to know yourself in ways you never have before, and develop a relationship with an oracle of power and insight, something timeless and eternal, the greatest guru in the world... the one inside you.

“The purpose of sleep is not merely to rest the body through the suspension of the mental machinery, but it is a dream just as full of activity as the waking dream, and we may double our power and usefulness by directing it. The daytime is nothing compared to it. When the power of self-direction is understood the daytime will be used as a secondary condition in which the objective consciousness waits to receive and adjust the results accomplished during sleep.

We should lie down to sleep not from weariness, but because we wish to go consciously into the subconscious alive to the importance of receiving what it has to give.

The time wasted in undirected sleep might be used in working out all life’s problems. The Subconscious is not tired; night is the daytime of the soul on its subconscious side.

The superconscious self is a storehouse of wisdom gathered through countless ages; each for himself may gather from this infinite supply.”

- Helen Rhodes Wallace
Sleep as the Great Opportunity or Psychoma

A Mentorship Experience

From Non-dreamer to Multidimensional Mystic

“Just a few notes to thank you both for the videos you’ve created this year. They are very fresh and stimulates our self-improvements and practices in so many ways. The delivery of your courses is frank and to the point. It touches a lot of deep cords, challenges us and is done with good humor which I find lightens the whole process.”
– Robert

Lucid Dreaming boasts some incredible benefits. It is the best, most efficient, most effective path to accessing the invisible, acquiring power, and changing your life by energetic or spiritual means. It can exponentially enhance your ability to see energy, increase your intuition dramatically, put you in touch with genuine spiritual guides, deeper aspects of yourself, and Spirit Itself. It can give you the keys to heal deep unconscious wounds and directly confront the chaotic forces within you, bringing them into new states of harmony and control. It can radically alter your perception of self, the world around you, and expand your sphere of experience. It will introduce a level of daily fulfillment that goes beyond circumstance and make your dream-life into an adventure more engaging than even the best of your favorite movies.

But if it’s so incredible and can have such far reaching effects... why isn’t everyone doing it?

The reason is because it takes practice, and commitment to make it happen. Just like building a strong physical body, it takes months (if not years) of exercise, done properly to start feeling and looking the way you want.

The same is true of building a lucid dreaming practice that operates at the level and with the benefits we’re talking about.

So why haven’t all traditions made this a core part of their spiritual and transformational system if it offers everything you are saying?

Some traditions do make it a priority, but with the exception of the most ancient of lineages, knowledge of lucid dreaming’s true potential and far reaching effects is not well known. It is being studied by ‘scientists' for health, wellness, and skill development. It is being played with by adventurous outliers. And it is being pursued by psychonauts and modern day shamans. But what lucid dreaming truly is, the level to which it can be developed, and the momentous opportunity it provides have not yet been fully articulated or taught yet.

This is something this program finally offers.

Your subconscious is a portal to the spiritual interaction, perception, and awareness you are looking for, no matter what form you desire it to take. The experience is beyond description in exactly the same way that you would struggle to describe sight to a blind person. It is just as real, if not MORE real than exactly what you are experiencing right now. Yet, it will open the door to spirit, transformation, self-knowledge, power, and fulfillment in ways difficult to imagine.

This training offers you the techniques, the schedule, and the guiding principles that will be shown to work for anyone with a passion and commitment to the process. There are two important aspects that set this training apart:

1. Not just lucid dreaming, but energetic training for control and transformation:

This program is not just a remix of the same familiar lucid dreaming techniques you’ve read about or heard before. Many of the popular methods to become lucid in your dreams are included in the first stage of the program (designed to get you consistently lucid dreaming once a week). However, even from the beginning the techniques are woven together with other meditations and practices to form a more traditional, well-rounded energetic practice that promotes not only consistent lucidity in dreaming, but begins developing the subconscious understanding, and energetic skills necessary to function on a high level within your lucid dreams once you get there.

2. From Novice, to bonafide practitioner. 

The program is specifically designed to take you from not remembering your dreams at all, to being able to lucid dream consistently and utilize the practice to create positive changes in your life, while reducing the influence of our internal chaotic aspects.

Throughout the training Dustin is your companion on the journey, starting from the beginning as a novice himself, and going through the entire training with you. You get to experience the trials, the tribulations, the successes and failures through the entire process and hear the coaching, guidance, philosophical teachings, and exact practice routines Brian uses to get him over the major hurdles and challenges along the way. It makes the journey personal, relatable, and we believe it optimizes the success each and every person will have with the program because it meets you where you are at each stage.

Finally, any questions or personal challenges not addressed by the content of the program itself can be brought up during our Bi-monthly Q&A Calls with Brian. (As the program has only been developed through Stage 1 so far, if you are lucid dreaming consistently already, these Live Q&A Calls are the perfect place to go deeper with Brian and get the next level of Lucid Dream training you are ready for).

Our goal is to give you everything you need to use lucid dreaming to encounter spirit, transform your life, know yourself deeper than ever before, expand your sensory experience to include the metaphysical on a regular basis, and start getting these results as efficiently and consistently as possible... oh... and to have some fun along the way.

An Eagle’s Eye View of The Program

Lucid Dreaming: Awaken The Sleeping Mind aspires to guide you through 4 distinct stages of proficiency.

A note about program development:

Stage 1 of the program is complete. That is: the teaching, techniques, practices and guidance to get you lucid once a week have been developed and are immediately accessible as a member. If you are ready for Stage 2, 3, or 4 this level of instruction is available to you directly from Brian during our Live Q&A Calls every other week. As a member of The 2BSilent Membership you will always have the instruction and guidance to progress to the next level of proficiency, experience, and practice.

Additionally, every program, guided meditation etc. within The 2BSilent Membership is always being developed, improved, and enhanced. As we grow, so do our courses. 

Stage 1
The goal for the first stage of the program is to successfully develop the ability to consistently lucid dream once a week (4 times a month). Many of the traditional lucid dreaming techniques are utilized, but they are presented in a new light from Brian’s unique perspective of practicing them over the years. During this stage we focus on developing a rich understanding of what lucid dreaming is, how we utilize it, and how to start consistently experiencing the phenomena. When we do become lucid during this stage of the program the thrill of the experience should be cultivated and activities like flying, fun, fantasy fulfillment etc are strongly encouraged.

Stage 2
When we are able to progress to stage 2 of lucid dreaming we develop the skills to lucid dream consistently 3 times every week (one night for fun, one night for building up energy around what we want in life, and one night for healing unresolved inner conflicts and balancing internal chaotic forces). As we develop this level of lucid dreaming ability we  learn to enter lucid dreams at will through a unique Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming technique developed personally by Brian. At this level we develop the ability to stabilize the lucid dreaming state and extend it. We learn to control our movements, and manifest the environments around us that we desire. Stability, mobility, and manifestation... manipulating the dream itself and how to best work within our subconscious mind is the focus here.

Stage 3
When we are able to progress to the third stage of lucid dreaming, we will have the opportunity for an exciting initiation: Experiencing shared lucid dreaming with Brian. This is confirmation that it is possible to have shared lucid dreams, not only with other spiritual beings, but with other practitioners as well. As more and more individuals bring their practice to this level we plan to schedule regular group meetings in what we would like to ultimately be our “Night School Mastermind” - a free program of deeper work for anyone that has enough proficiency and control in the lucid dreaming state to get there. As we progress to the third stage we will develop the control necessary to learn how to invoke, encounter, and work with genuine ‘other’ - spiritual beings and guides etc. Cultivating these relationships with positive forces, as well as bringing chaotic forces under control is advanced work. When we have enough control to stabilize lucidity and truly make it consistent and meaningful, we will explore this exciting avenue of work.

Stage 4
Finally, stage 4 of lucid dreaming is all about how to seek more profound personal experiences of divine connection. This may come in a myriad of deeply personal forms. ‘Immersion with The One’, Samadhi, or Clear Light Dreams are the essence of Stage 4. The goal of Stage 4 is: how dow we use lucid dreaming as a spring board to take our evolution and spirituality as far as we want to go.

Lucid Dreaming, Awaken The Sleeping Mind is included with The 2BSilent Membership. And it is only available through this all-inclusive membership experience. 

Learn More About The 2BSilent Membership
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We care about one thing: satisfied members in love with our programs.
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