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The Burning Meditation

The Burning Meditation is the core meditation par excellence for burning off stress, mental fatigue, and the heavy energies we tend to accumulate from our personal past and our contact with others.

When Brian was initially studying acupuncture in a traditional monastic setting he was not allowed to be in the same room with a patient until he had done The Burning Meditation for an hour every day for a year. Furthermore it was the only meditation that was required to be allowed into the Taoist temple where he spent so many years studying.

We are offering this as a standalone program because nothing is more central to our needs as human beings than having a simple energetic practice that clears our minds, stabilizes our emotions, and restores peace and inner balance by 'burning off' that which we have accumulated but no longer need.

 Includes a free 20 minute instructional video that provides a thorough understanding of how this meditation works, and what energetic principles are being applied that make it functional optimally.

 Several of the principles discussed in the instructional video may also help to optimize other forms of meditation you may be practicing.

 Several versions of the meditation are included: A short and long version, one with and without ambient sound effects, as well as a track of just the sound effects so you can practice at your own pace once you've become proficient at the meditation.

 All versions of the meditation are fully downloadable as mp3 files you can put on your phone, mp3 player, computer, or tablet, as well as share with friends and family.

We hope this Guided Meditation program helps to bring greater healing, vitality, and peace to your inner world and your physical body.