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Conscious Relaxation: Introduction and Guided Meditations for Achieving Profound Relaxation

The following dialogues and guided meditations are designed to teach the practice of conscious relaxation. The goal of conscious relaxation is to achieve a meditative state called "profound relaxation" where the body is asleep, the physical senses are 'offline' but the mind is awake and aware. Developing deeper and deeper states of conscious relaxation and eventually profound relaxation is much like building a bridge. Over time, through practice we build a stronger and more stable 'bridge' of relaxation that allows for deeper inner experiences and more transformative meditations.

This program guides you through the conscious relaxation technique and includes several supplementary videos on the power of relaxation.

 Fully downloadable mp3 audio files so you can listen wherever and whenever you like

 Instant play option right from the web browser on your phone, tablet, or computer

 Two variations of the conscious relaxation practice

 Several introductory and supplementary video dialogues to enhance your practice

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