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The 2BSilent Membership

$5,000 every year | $67 every month

Our in-person classes were $5,000 a year. The 2BSilent Membership now makes our training available for $67.00 a month. 

The 2BSilent Membership is a learning platform, a support system, as well as good company on the path as we journey together into the unknown in the pursuit of our own direct experience of the metaphysical, mastery of the principles of working with energy, interaction with spirit, and creatively producing the life we want.

Our favorite part of the program, (beyond the in-depth training programs & guided meditations), is our live calls every other week. During these live calls we answer your questions, and engage in a warm and inspiring conversation intended to keep the momentum of your practice flowing in the direction you want it go.

What Happens When I Become An Active Member?

After completing your purchase of The 2BSilent Membership you will receive:

 A welcome video from Brian and Dustin offering some advice on getting started with the new material and joining the community.

 A confirmation email with all the details you'll need to access your account, cancel when you choose, and be ready for the next live call!

 A link to join us for our next Live Call every other Wednesday Night at 7 pm ET. Additionally you will receive instructions on joining the live call via zoom. Joining the live call is as easy as clicking a link in your email.

 Activated ability to send in questions for the next live call.

NEW Course: How To Make Contact. Throughout this course we explore techniques that help us cultivate relationships with any 'aspect of The One' that we want to engage with, as well as develop our sensitivity to their response.  

Core content released every month: How To See Energy: A Complete Course in Opening The Third Eye is released every month for the next 6 months so you can progress through each stage confidently, and without overwhelm. Lucid Dreaming: Awaken The Sleeping Mind is updated every every month as well, so you can follow along with the exact routines, meditations, and principles we are applying at each stage to bring this ability to a master level.

 Access Guided Meditations that support and guide you in your practice, so you can progress confidently.

 BONUS #1: "Napoleon Hill's: Outwitting The Devil" A stand-alone course filmed in 8 parts, designed to help you stay on the path and get better results with the work.

 BONUS #2: 2BSilent Behind The Scenes. A program designed to give you an inside look into the energetic techniques we use to make 2BSilent great. Here, we also share conversations and instruction that do not fit neatly within our other programs. 

 PLUS! - Full access to every training we offer, as we create it, forever. As a member of this program, you will always get access to everything we create, and will never be charged separately for any of our online programs.

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You can cancel your membership at anytime under "Account Settings" (easily accessible from the main menu) when you login in. Alternatively, you can send us a single email at: [email protected] and we'll immediately cancel your membership.

Do You Offer a 30 Day
Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee. So you can try it for 30 Days, and if you don't absolutely love the program (before 30 days has passed) you can cancel your membership for a full refund.

What Active Members Are Saying:

To talk more boldly than I am accustomed, I've never experienced this much alignment in my life. I feel like I'm cheating in a way, communing with Source. I do not see energy with my eyes in many profound ways yet, but with my other senses I do, or at least they feel profound to me at this stageā€¦ I am delighting in my Energy Journey, and am grateful for this safe platform where I can be me, and learn to be more ME.


I found this episode intensely emotional, coming deeply from Brian's heart and truth, and I am continuing to contemplate the depth of the message. I chose 2BSilent because I believe it stands for that kind of esoteric intensity and sincerity, and I also believe these kinds of posts are going to be extremely beneficial!


Wow!!!, What a wild week. When I am working on people I am getting a light show like never before. More intense and more frequent. It's crazy cool and fun. Thanks!