“When you call your spirit guide it should appear to you physically, or as a clear voice in your mind that is distinctly separate from you.”

The following free presentation is designed to introduce you to our teaching style, to share one of Brian's personal experiences with you, and to help you find out if our program How To Make Contact and The 2BSilent Membership are right for you. You may also wish to explore our library of Guided Meditations which are also free and inexpensive offerings. 

“When you call your spirit guide it should appear to you physically, or as a clear voice in your mind that is distinctly separate from you.”

“If the manifestation is only a voice, you will hear it coming from the outside, and inside, at the same time.”

That’s what my mentor said to me the first time I visited him to begin my apprenticeship.

He continued…

“Whether it be a god, a spirit, an angel, an elemental, a saint, or some other aspect of the invisible, you want to form relationships that are like the best of your human relationships.”

“If you pick up the phone, they answer… clearly.”

“If you ask a question, they give you the truth.”

“Like a human mentor they can help, aid, and guide you in their area of expertise, and offer advice that is consistently valuable and accurate.”

So, I asked: “What does it take to be able to have that experience?”

He replied, “The first step is to believe it’s possible, and to approach your spiritual practice with that goal in mind. If you believe that your interactions with spirit can be just as real as your physical life, you can make it so. The gods can, and will appear in physical form if you want them to.”

“In fact, the ancient Egyptians had no word for religion. They are my model for my spiritual practice because they did not differentiate between their everyday life and spirituality. They knew that the gods were listening and that they could appear at any time.”

“Βecause I’ve approached my spirituality in that way, with that goal in mind, that is the reality I have produced for myself.”

“We’ve lost that as a culture, but I believe that each and every one of us can still have that type of experience if we want it. Our spirituality can be as real, tangible, and consistently alive to our senses as we want it to be. It can help us in profound, and virtually unexplored ways. There is no area more untapped than the infinite journey that the ‘invisible’ offers.”

“It took me many years to be able to have that face-to-face experience on a regular basis, to make my spirituality just as real as my physical life, and to live with a foot in both worlds, not just metaphorically, but ACTUALLY, not like a fairy tale, or some analogy… but truly. And I believe that anyone who learns the principles of energetic practice can have it too… if they want it.”

For so many shamans, esotericists, and practitioners that are seeking genuine contact with spirit (that consistently helps in producing the life they want), a straight forward conversation that offers inspiration and experiential knowledge is greatly lacking.

That's why we recorded a conversation where we share what face-to-face interaction can be like, and some of the principles and practices that can be applied to help make it happen.

If you’ve been practicing any type of shamanism or esoteric practice, this is for you.

If you want to have face-to-face interactions with ‘spirit’, this is for you.
Here’s some of what we cover in this free presentation:

🔥 The most important technique you MUST be able to perform in order to have this kind of spiritual contact.

🔥 Why it’s not about worthiness or unworthiness, and how to begin making yourself more available for this kind of experience.

🔥 The truth about spiritual beings, and why it doesn't matter if you pray to them, it only matters if you can entrain to their frequency.

🔥 What are some of the most important techniques that must be incorporated in a spiritual practice in order to initiate a mystical experience like this.

🔥 Why “Know Thyself” was the first admonition carved at the entrance to the Temple of Apollo in Greece.

🔥 What “like can only speak to like” actually means.

🔥 The only 4 words of power you will ever need.

🔥 And much more!

I think you’ll really enjoy this presentation.

I hope that it will inspire you and give you valuable insights that will move you forward on your journey to developing a more intimate and consistent relationship with spiritual beings, so you can experience accelerated inner growth and be of greater service to your friends, loved ones, and community.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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