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How Lucid Dreaming Impacts Your Daily Life

Have you ever tried manifesting something you want through meditation?

Have you ever tried to "inflame yourself with prayer?"

If you have, you know that those things are easier said than done. 


Because it can be very difficult to feel something is real, when we know it isn't.

A powerful way to overcome this is to go beyond the senses, and enter fully into the landscape of your inner world through lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming gets a bad wrap for being about "dreaming"

... being a fantasy that has nothing to do with solving problems, and making our life better.

But we don't see it that way.

We see it as an ultimately practical tool...

We see it as a master key to your inner life.

We all know that your external environment is a perfect mirror of your internal environment... that your life is a reflection of your inner world.

So why wouldn't we focus more of our time and energy learning to consciously enter into that inner world (find out...

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Lucid Dreaming & Confident Life Choices

In this excerpt from our program: Lucid Dreaming, Awaken the Sleeping Mind, we discuss whether the ability to lucid dream with stability and control can actually help you to act with greater confidence and embody a more centered attitude.

A way of being in which: the only reference point you are using, is yourself.

This came up as a question for me as I progressed through the first stage of our lucid dreaming program. 

One of the reasons I am so motivated to learn to lucid dream at will, with the kind of proficiency and control that we are training our members to experience is:

I want to have a deeper understanding of my life as a whole, and know that I'm navigating through this life in an optimal way... and making good choices for myself and those around me. 

Brian's response was great and I think it offers a new perspective on lucid dreaming, and how it can be utilized in a practical way to make our lives better (one of many).

I found it really...

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The Four Stages of Lucid Dreaming: An Eagle's Eye View

Stage 1: being able to lucid dream once a week consistently for the purpose of fun and adventure.

Stage 2: developing the ability to enter the lucid dreaming state directly from the waking state, at will. Also, cultivating the ability to stabilize the dreaming state indefinitely (for hours of conscious experience), learning to travel within the dream state, and finally, to learning to manifest environments at will.

Stage 3: graduation to the third stage involves being able to experience shared lucid dreaming. During this phase we also learn to invoke subconscious aspects of ourselves as spiritual guides, conquer personal nightmares (internal chaotic forces), and learn to meet with other energetic beings.

Stage 4: we discuss dreams of clear-light, and the concept of 'constant-consciousness'.

To learn more about our programs and our ongoing group-coaching mastermind visit:

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