A spiritual practice based on direct experience and creating the life you want.

Learn more about our courses on making contact with spirit, lucid dreaming, and seeing energy.
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Our courses and guided meditations are designed to help you expand your perception of energy, spirit, and your innate connection with all that is.

Freedom is knowing how to connect with the future that you want for yourself, and for those around you. We hope that what you find here makes life smoother, more graceful, and more mysterious and beautiful.

Presently we offer an all-inclusive membership experience that includes bi-monthly group coaching and access to all of our many programs and guided meditations.

Additionally you will find several free and introductory courses, and standalone programs for you to get acquainted with us and what we do.

Learn more about what we do, and who we are

Try our Introductory Offerings, Guided Meditation Programs, and find out if The 2BSilent Membership is right for you.

The 2BSilent Membership Courses

The 2BSilent Membership is our all-inclusive monthly membership program. When you become a member you get access to all of our core training courses (How To Make Contact, Lucid Dreaming, and How To See Energy) as well as live supportive group coaching every other Wednesday evening. 

Learn About The 2BSilent Membership Courses

Free & Introductory Offerings

These free & introductory offerings are a great way to get to know us, and find out if you enjoy our teaching style. These courses offer core exercises and principles that we employ in our personal practice regularly. 

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Guided Meditation Programs

Previously only available to members of The 2BSilent Membership we now offer some of our guided meditations as standalone programs.

Learn More About Guided Meditation Programs

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