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How To See Energy

In this extensive series of videos we explore the practices that can support you in developing the ability to see energy. Throughout the course we cover many foundational practices and energetic principles, the benefits of which extend well beyond the opening of the third eye.

"Simple But Not Easy" A Primer for Seeing Energy

Click here to download the introductory ebook on seeing energy entitled "Simple But Not Easy" that accompanies the following 4 videos.

1. Introduction - Youtube | Spotify
2. Relaxation - Youtube | Spotify
3. Four Fold Breathing - Youtube | Spotify
4. Gazing - Youtube | Spotify

Laying The Foundation

5. What do you want? Why do you want it? & Erasing Personal History - Youtube | Spotify
6. The Core Principle of Seeing Energy - Youtube | Spotify
7. The Throat Chakra: Master Key of Seeing Energy and The Wind Breathing Technique - Youtube | Spotify
8. Conscious Relaxation: Bridge to Seeing Energy - Youtube | Spotify
9. Conscious Relaxation Guided Meditation - Join | Purchase 
10. The Burning Meditation for Seeing Energy Youtube | Spotify
11. Waking Up the Throat Chakra - YoutubeSpotify


12. Third Eye Initiation - Youtube | Spotify
13. Third Eye Initiation - Guided Meditation - Join | Purchase
14. Assuming The God Form | Neville Goddard | New Thought - Youtube | Spotify
15. Addressing Overwhelm - Youtube | Spotify
16. Candle Gazing Exercise Youtube | Spotify
17. Qigong For Seeing Energy Youtube | Spotify
18. The Dragon Meditation for Seeing Energy Youtube | Spotify
19. The Dragon Mediation - Guided Meditation
20. Philosophy of The Dragon & Chaotic Forces

Opening The Third Eye (Coming Soon for Non-Members)

21. On Strategy
22. Checkerboard Gazing Practice
23. Chaos, Challenge, and Adventure
24. You Are What You Think About Most
of The Time
25. Third Eye Meditation
26. Third Eye Meditation - Guided Meditation Join | Purchase 

Stopping The Internal Dialogue (Coming Soon for Non-Members)

28. Stopping The Internal Dialogue
29. Step 1: Observation
30. Step 2: Focus
31. Step 3: No Thoughts

The Kinjas for Seeing Energy (Coming Soon for Non-Members)

The Kinjas are a Taoist system for stimulating and toning the energy centers in a progressive way. This system involves patterns of breath and movement combined with specific diagrams. *Please Note: be sure to access our free Google Drive folder for all the diagrams, photographs of hand configurations, and a complete practice schedule. 

32. Introduction to The Kinjas for Seeing Energy
33. The Kinja Routine for Seeing Energy (PDF)
34. How To Perform The Kinjas
35. Chu
36. Shen
37. Kai
38. Tai
39. Sha
40. Jen
41. Teng
42. Hua
43. Tao

The Mastery of Gazing (Coming Soon for Non-Members)

44. Gazing At Your Hand
45. Gazing With Plants
46. Gazing With Animals
47. Gazing With Stones

48. The Relationship with your Subconscious & Gazing with a Friend
49. Gazing Into a Mirror
50. Gazing At The Bowling Alley
51. Awareness Above The Head

Completing The Circle (Coming Soon for Non-Members)

52. A Practice, A Schedule, A Great Love
53. Open Focus Meditation For Seeing Energy
54. Open Focus Meditation - Guided Meditation
55. Spiral, Dots, & Magic Eye Practice
56. Dark Retreats & Making It Personal

Lucid Dreaming
(Coming Soon for Non-Members)

Our Lucid Dreaming course was designed as a weekly coaching series. Throughout the series we present many techniques, practices, and principles that will be invaluable for anyone wanting to explore the world of lucid dreaming and its far reaching potential.

How To Make Contact
(Coming Soon for Non-Members)

In this program we explore the practices that can help support you in developing a personal relationship with any aspect of The One of your choosing: be it a spirit, saint, angel, or deity. First we introduce and build up core foundational practices. Then, we learn a personalized 42-day devotional.

1. Know Thyself and The Temple of Apollo (Coming Soon)

1. Stages of Contact & The Arising of Perceptual Phenomena
2. Observation of Mind
3. Guided Meditation for The Observation of Mind
4. Analysis Vs. Practice
5. On The Practice of Keeping a Journal

2. Transferring Consciousness To The Invisible (Coming Soon)

6. Chaos vs. Order, Integrating Observation of Mind Into Your Practice
7. The Theory and Practice of Step by Step Body Relaxation
8. Step by Step Body Relaxation Guided Meditation

3. Knowing What You Want and How We're Going To Make Contact (Coming Soon)

9. Devotional Practice - A Bird's Eye View
10. What Do You Want? and Why  Do You Want It?

4. Choosing Who To Contact, Making A Representation, Doing Your Homework (Coming Soon)

11. Choosing an Aspect of The One To Make Contact With
12. Creating an Alter, Crafting an Icon
13. Researching The Gods
14. Building a Solid Foundation, Developing Observation and Step by Step Relaxation

5. Creating Sacred Space from The Inside Out (Coming Soon)

15. Sacred Space & The Practice of The Middle Pillar
16. The Middle Pillar - Chakras vs. Sephirah, Analysis of The Energetic Body
17. The Middle Pillar - Part 1 - Overview
18. The Middle Pillar - Part 1 - Guided Meditation
19. The Middle Pillar - Part 2 - Overview
20. The Middle Pillar - Part 2 - Guided Meditation
21. Contact and The Complete Practice of The Middle Pillar

6. Releasing Psychic Knots and Balancing Chaotic Forces (Coming Soon)

22. Psychic Knots and The Energetic and Physical Bodies
23. Burning Meditation and Contact - Overview
24. Forgiveness Meditation - Overview
25. Forgiveness Meditation Step by Step Practice
26. The "Chaotic Force Party" - Overview
27. The practice of the "Chaotic Force Party"
28. Nature Abhors a Vacuum and Filling The Void


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