Guided Meditations 

2BSilent Guided Meditation Programs include downloadable mp3 meditation tracks, an 'instant play' option right in your web browser, as well as introductory and supplementary video dialogues to enhance your understanding and application of the practice.

Opening The Third Eye
A Collection of Guided Meditations from our free online course: "How To See Energy" 

This collection of guided meditations is designed to support you in opening your third eye. These meditations are most effective when combined with the principles and practices discussed in our free online course: "How To See Energy." This collection of guided meditations includes: The Third Eye Initiation, The Third Eye Meditation, The Dragon Meditation for Seeing Energy, and The Open Focus Meditation for Seeing Energy. We have also included many additional instructional videos from "How To See Energy" to support you in your energy seeing practices. 

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The Burning Meditation

The Burning Meditation is the core meditation par excellence for burning off stress, mental fatigue, and the heavy energies we tend to accumulate from our personal past and our contact with others.

When Brian was initially studying acupuncture in a traditional monastic setting he was not allowed to be in the same room with a patient until he had done The Burning Meditation for an hour every day for a year. Furthermore it was the only meditation that was required to be allowed into the Taoist temple where he spent so many years studying

We are offering this as a standalone program because nothing is more central to our needs as human beings than having a simple energetic practice that clears our minds, stabilizes our emotions, and restores peace and inner balance by 'burning off' that which we have accumulated but no longer need.

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Conscious Relaxation
Introduction & Guided Meditations for Achieving Profound Relaxation

The following dialogues and guided meditations are designed to teach the practice of conscious relaxation. The goal of conscious relaxation is to achieve a meditative state called "profound relaxation" where the body is asleep, the physical senses are 'offline' but the mind is awake and aware. Developing deeper and deeper states of conscious relaxation and eventually profound relaxation is much like building a bridge. Over time, through practice we build a stronger and more stable 'bridge' of relaxation that allows for deeper inner experiences and more transformative meditations.

This program guides you through the conscious relaxation technique and includes two variations of the practices as well as several supplementary videos on the power of relaxation.

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Free COVID-19 Resource
The Dragon Meditation For Immune and Respiratory Health

This version of The Dragon Meditation is excellent for boosting the immune system and bringing vitality and healing to the lungs, liver, trachea, and sinuses. It can also be used for treating seasonal allergies. Many of Brian’s acupuncture clients have utilized it for this purpose to great effect.

This is a FREE program to help support our global community during the COVID-19 crisis. We hope that it will support you and your loved ones during this time.

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