The Burning Meditation

Free Yourself from Binding Energetic Stagnation, Regenerate Inner Peace, and Cultivate Clarity of Mind

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Remove sources of pain, discomfort, heaviness, and dis-ease at the source.

If you’re looking for a spiritual / energetic practice that can help you to feel better every day, and by extension improve the lives of everyone around you, look no further.

As we move through life we tend to accumulate energetic baggage from our internal conflicts, past traumas, and dissonant relationships, and our general interactions with others. Over time these experiences bind our energetic channels, slow down the ‘spin’ of our energetic body, and make our awareness more sluggish. Ultimately we experience this as mental, emotional, and physical discomfort, heaviness, pain, and dis-ease.

The Burning Meditation is a guided program that can help you to release these psychic knots, and heal spirit, mind, and body by burning off the sources of stagnation at their roots: within the energetic blueprint of our being.

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The Burning Meditation

An Overview of The Practice

The Tibetan Practice of Tummo?

Have you ever heard of Tummo? The Tibetan practice for surviving extreme cold temperature by raising body heat high enough to steam the water right out of cold wet clothing?

There are many sources of information about Tummo online. Wim Hof in particular has created his own version of the practice that focuses on intense breath-work and stretching. However, James Nestor in his book Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art accurately sites that there are few, if any, sources of genuine instruction in the practice of Tummo as it was originally taught.

This version of Tummo, or The Burning Meditation, that we offer is a genuine Taoist practice that Brian learned in his temple studies. It is a variation of Tummo designed to burn off emotional baggage, release psychic knots, and bring clarity of mind. The version of Tummo designed to raise body temperature is a very slight variation on this practice.

The version offered here is extremely practical in that it addresses the concerns of our daily life, and helps us to get rid of what we no longer need... energetically, mentally, emotionally, and physically. It can bring deep healing and balance to our whole being. And it is extremely important in the development of the energetic faculties of seeing energy, lucid dreaming, and having direct contact with spirit.

The Only Meditation Required...

The Burning Meditation is the core meditation par excellence for burning off the heavy energies we accumulate from our own internal conflicts, our personal past, and our contact with others.

When Brian was initially studying acupuncture in a traditional monastic setting he was not allowed to be in the same room with a patient until he had done The Burning Meditation for an hour every day for a year. Furthermore it was the only meditation that was required to be allowed into the Taoist temple where he spent so many years studying

We are offering this as a standalone program because nothing is more central to our needs as human beings than having a simple energetic practice that clears our minds, stabilizes our emotions, and restores peace and inner balance by 'burning off' that which we have accumulated but no longer need.

The Burning Meditation

An Outline of The Practice

In the meditation we bring ourselves to a beach where crashing waves reflect our inner state of powerful energetic activity. We follow a series of imaginal patterns through which we draw up the molten lava at the core of the earth, through our legs, and out the top of our head. The element of air then, imagined as pulsing, swirling clouds course through our mind and body drawing out an initial wash of energetic stagnation.

Within the stage of the meditation referred to as the burning proper we breathe in golden light which pushes out a black substance from our pores, and which is then burned off with fire. This black substance we see emerging from our body as oil, other times smoke, other times thick heavy bark is an imaginal representation of what is happening energetically: psychic knots are being released, emotional baggage is being pushed out, the past is being burned off. It is not important in the meditation to know exactly what memory, experience, or stressor is being released at any given moment. This practice is like taking an energetic “shower” in fire. It burns off everything that is excess or out of balance within us. What is left, is a vital, renewed clarity of mind that, if performed often enough, will begin to bring deep healing to the physical body.

Please Note: This overview does not contain all of details of the practice, but is provided as a means of sensing the quality of the meditation, and its imagery, to see if it will be right for you.

The Burning Meditation

What you are getting when you purchase this course

When you purchase The Burning Meditation program you get several instructional videos that guide you through a deeper understanding of the meditation and it’s application.

Additionally you get:

  • Several fully downloadable mp3 versions of the meditation. 
  • A short version, a long version, each with subtle background sounds of crashing waves. 
  • Also you get stand alone vocal track only versions.
  • Finally, you get a printable PDF instruction on the practice to make sure your practice is clear and effective.
  • The whole course content is additionally available to access through our easy to use mobile app. 

We think you are really going to enjoy this program, and the results it produces in your daily life. Please let us know if you have any questions about this practice, or need any help: [email protected]

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